onsdag 2. mars 2016

Fairytale Winterhat

Needle: A circular needle, 40 cm, 4 mm. 
Size: 2-4 years  

Yarn: Double threads of Pickles Merino Extra Fine (140 m/ 50 gram, 10 cm = 21 stiches) or single thread of Drops Nepal. This makes a thick and warm hat. By choosing a thinner yarn you will get a more ’airy’ hat. 

The hat is knitted from the bottom-up. 

Cast on 44 stiches and mark the two stiches in the middle. Those have to be purled to get the correct pattern later on. The front piece is knitted back and forth.  
1st row: K3, *K2, P2* repeat *-* until there is 3 stiches left. K3 
2nd row: K3 *P2, K2* repeat *-* until there is 3 stiches left. K3 
Repeat 1st and 2nd row until you have a total of 14 rows. 
The back piece is similar to the front piece. Putt a marker between each of the pieces. Marker 1 is the beginning of each row. 

1st row: K3 *K2, P2* repeat until you have five stiches left before the next marker 2, K2, K6, *K2, P2* repeat until you have five stiches left before marker 1, K2, K3. 
2nd row: P3 *K2, P2* repeat until you have five stiches left before the next marker 2, K2, P6, *K2, P2* repeat until you have five stiches left before marker 1, K2, P3. 

3rd row: Like 1st row 
4th row: Like 2nd row 
5th-10th row: K1, P2, *K2, P2* repeat *-* until 1 stich before mark 1, K1. 
Making it narrower around the neck: 
11th row: K1, P2 together, *K2, P2 together* repeat *-* until 1 stich before marker 1, K1. 
12th-16th row: K1, P1, *K2, P1* repeat until 1 stich  before marker 1, K1 
17th row: K1, pick up one purl, P1, K2, pick up one pearl, P1 etc. 
18th-21th row: K1, P2, *K2, P2* repeat *-* until 1 stich before mark 1, K1. 
22th row: K1, P2, *K2, P2* repeat *-* four times (including *-*) 

It's time for some stripes! 

First stripe: 
1st row: K4, set a marker, P2, K2 (purl above purl, knit above knit) until until there are four stiches left, sett a marker, K4. Turn around. 
2nd row: P4, K2, P2...  P4. Turn around 
3rd row: K4, P2, K2...  K4. Turn around. 

When you have finished the first stripe you have to move your markers two stiches towards the back of the hat. 
Second stripe: 
1st row: K6, move your marker, P2, K2 (knit above knit, purl above purl) until until there are six stiches left, move your marker, K6. Turn around. 
2nd row: P6, K2, P2...  P6 Turn around 
3rd row: K6, P2, K2... K6 Turn around. 

Continue to repeat 1st-3rd row and increase the number of knit stiches in the beginning and the end of the row by two each time. The hat is finished when all stiches are knit 

Alternative ending: After eight stripes you K3, pick up one knit and increase one stich 3 stiches before the edge of the 1st row of each stripe for the next 9-10 stripes. 

Cast off and sew together, knit together or sew together using a ’knit stich’. (Method available on Google)

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  1. Hello! For what head circumference is the hat? I would like to knit it for my daughter who has quite a big head for her age, but is younger than 2 years...

  2. I don't have a hat available at the moment. My daughter is 4,5 yo and the hat is still big enough for her.